Sunday, September 21, 2008

How to Save the World Interview with Robert Thurman

Great interview about saving the world with Robert Thurman.

Best not to get too upset about the world situation. Rather cultivate joy. If we can attain the insight of higher beings, the world will appear as Nirvana. Sure we need to be involved and do the best we can to relieve suffering. But we should not increase our own suffering. It's not like our suffering makes joy for others. It's about realizing the transcendent nature of existence ourselves and to help everyone experience that also.

A longer, 40 minute version of this interview is here:
longer interview with bob thurman

Later in the long interview, in his own unique, colorful style, Bob talks about things like the contributions to paradigm shift of Eckhart Tolle on Oprah and perspectives on US politics at the time the interview was done (June 2008).

Really great stuff and food for thought.